Funny Bones

Funny Bones

Comedy Waiter

If you want the event that you are planning to live long in the memory of those who attend then acquiring the services of Funny-Bones as your comedy waiter is a step in the right direction.

Funny Bones helps to create a mood of joviality, he is courteous, endearing and never over steps the mark. His true comic timing leaves your guest with a feel good lasting memory. A comedy artiste who truly has Funny Bones!

Funny-bones is a one off unique comedy waiter for private dinner parties and corporate launch events anywhere in the world, and as he never speaks there are no language barriers.

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There is always a “buzz” of excitement and anticipation whenever Funny-Bones enters the room! Is he or is he not part of the waiting on team?

The true art of a “spoof comedy waiter” is to ensure there is always a continuous jovial atmosphere throughout the serving of canapés or dinner, and to never get in the way of the genuine waiters when they serve the food! That’s why most of Funny-bones work is done in between courses or whenever there is a lull in proceedings.

Course by Course

Comedy Capers of a comic waiter!

Pre-Dinner Drinks!

Funny Bones will mix and mingle among your guests carrying his stunning cloche, embellished with 5,000 SWAROVSKI crystals, complete with the drinks tray that softly plays music for any type of occasion.

Please be seated!

A delicate ringing of the bell calls your guests to be seated by Funny Bones.
As your guests take their seats Funny Bones ensures the tableware is correctly placed and spaced using a 12″ ruler.
Safety is high on Funny Bones priorities so the level of the table is also very important, so out comes the spirit level.
An over-sized spy glass ensures the table cloth is spotlessly clean, if not out comes his feather duster!
The placing of emoji coasters on the tables giving a look that says…this one suits you sir!
Wacky spare spectacles are made available to those who have forgotten theirs to read the menu.
The comedy capers continue until your guests are seated and the first course is ready to be served.
Funny Bones discreetly leaves the room.

Between the 1st & Main course

The appearance of a 3ft plant with sign “vegetarian alternative” can only mean one thing….Funny Bones is back in the room! “More wine” is the most frequent request Funny Bones is asked for, so he simply inflates a balloon, and then bursts it! Producing a bottle of wine! This can also be done with a bottle of champagne. This illusion can be repeated at different tables.

Whether it’s pulling Xmas crackers with the guests. A faulty salt pot that when shaken squeaks. The making of napkins that vanish in front of your guests eyes Funny Bones’ antics are never ending with no lull in proceedings.
When the Main course is about to be served Funny Bones again discreetly leaves the room.

Main course!

As your guests reach the end of the main course there is a “buzz” of anticipation as Funny-Bones enters the room…. Great he has more wine!
But try as much as he can, whichever way he pours from the bottle, the bottleneck spout goes the other way! Never mind!
Using three T-towels, which he hands out to your guests for examination, Funny-Bones produces a bottle of water, wine or champagne. (Not supplied).
After much merriment of selfie’s with your guests, Funny-Bones appears with his cleaning kit containing hand wipes, complete with table brush!

Between the Main course and serving of Dessert.

Funny-Bones returns carrying a polished champagne bucket, known as Misers dream, it’s one of the great walk about magic tricks. Funny-Bones is able to produce coins from anywhere! Thin air! A Glass of wine! A candle! Your hair! Glasses! Tie! Even guests ears!
The reaction of your guests is hilarious.
The champagne pail can also be used should you wish to carry out a collection for your favorite charity.

Tea’s and coffee.

Funny-Bones is convinced there are celebrities in the room, so with autograph book in hand goes around in search of the rich and famous.
Hilarious reactions from your guest when he pulls out the photograph from his pocket of who he thought they looked like!
As the evening meal is drawing to a close, it’s time for the bill to be paid. So silver tray in hand Funny-Bones delivers a “Spoof bill” in a sealed envelope (bill inside) to the head of each table…. Watch the reaction on face of the person who Funny-Bones selects to give the bill! This causes much laughter and chatter around the table.

Product Launch Events

Product Launch Events

A truly unique and memorable way of getting your message across to prospective clients. Be it at a launch party, trade event, shopping centre, the opening of a new venue or just about anywhere in the world where you want to get the right image across.

Holding his stunning embellished cloche that contains 5000 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Funny Bones stands out in any crowd. His comedic walk alone turns heads, and he can mix and mingle as part of your promotion team or work alone. Funny Bones. helps to create a mood of joviality, he is courteous, endearing and never over steps the mark.

When Funny Bones lifts the lid off the cloche to reveal your message be it in neatly sealed envelopes. Perhaps its tasters from your restaurant menu or just a mini map of where you are Wayne Slater will help design your promotion to get the very best for your event, ensuring you get the right kind of message across.

*Structures the event and timings with you, ensuring you are happy with all the content.
*Taylor the event to include certain members of your party, if required.
*Liaise with the venues event manager where required. Determine what the waiters’ attire will be.
*Arrive at your venue before your guests arrive. Integrate with genuine waiting staff.
*Performance time around the tables is from one to three hours.
*Price dependent on location of your event, availability worldwide.
International performances available P.O.A.
Weight for international travel 23 kilos

Client List

London: Red Room Park Lane; Mayfair Hotel; Cumberland Hotel;

Marble Arch Hotel; The Edwardian Thames Barge; Mail on Sunday.

Malta: Bacchuss Restaurant.

Worldwide: Carnival Cruise Lines; Royal Caribbean Cruise.

Marrakech: Royal Palm Hotel.

Southampton: Grosvenor Casino; Grand Hotel.

Inverness: The House Hotel.

Brighton: Dome, Davenport’s Magic Centenary; The Grand Hotel.

TV: BBC Children in Need; Sky Variety; ITV Jongleurs.

Birmingham:Belfry Golf Club.

Blackpool: Pleasure Beach; Grand Hotel; Norbreck Castle

Other areas: Lakeside Country Club; Exeter R.F.C;. Links Golf Cclub Southport; Mecca Bingo; Saunton Sands Hotel Croyde Devon; White cliff Bay Hotel Isle of White; C.S.M.A organisation.

Langston Cliff Hotel Dawlish; Bolton Wonderers F.C; Milk Marketing Board; The Rank organisation.

Plus many, many more…

Testimonials (2)

“The sheer comedy value of this creation is everything”
-Mark Ritchie, the stage

“He looks funny to me, I like the idea of mixing magic with mime”
– Paul Daniels, 2007

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