Chris Britten

Chris Britten


Chris has an easy laid back style and is famous for his Audience Interaction. His style of comedy is ‘cheeky’ but not blue and Chris does NOT use any foul or abusive language in his act whatsoever.


Chris does many star nights at venues, doing a comedy spot alongside singers, duo’s or groups.Chris has lots of experience of Comedy ‘After Dinner’ and has worked with many leading sports personalities

Chris will not do After dinner or presentations for football / pool or anywhere were the majority of the Audience are younger than 25yrs

Chris can provide a range of Comedy and Songs which make a superb ‘Value for Money’ Show.

Chris would normally open with a spot of Stand up Comedy (Cheeky but not blue) which would normally last between 45 – 75 mins.

After a break Chris would then sing, with bits of comedy in-between. Chris sings a range of styles and songs which span the decades plus a superb dance spot if required.

Chris can also do his famous Audience participation ‘request spot’

Chris has a voice which is suitable for singing a wide variety of songs which span the decades.

Chris loves to sing, swing, 60s, 70s, 80s, Ballads and Chris does a superb Dance spot if required.

Usually, after doing his comedy, when going into the singing spot, Chris has absolutely no idea what he is going to sing. So he sends around a request sheet where the Audience can request songs from their own favourite singers and groups. as a rule, if Chris has the track he will perform the song. This is great for Audience participation and spontaneity.

The usual is a ‘one hour spot’ but Chris can do any length of spot required from 30 min to 1 1/2 hours.

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