Hook A Duck

Balls in a Bucket

Tin Can Alley

Human Table Football

Inflatable human table football is a popular team building activity.
It is great fun and can be hired on its own or as part of a
large event or fun day..

12ft wide by 30ft in length
3.66m by 9.14m


Gladiators… ARE YOU READY! Almost to much fun. Two people with foam batons make it onto the podiums for a best of three knockout with loads of laughs probably the “BEST!” castle for fete & fun days.

17ft wide by 21ft in length
5.18m by 6.40m
4ft or 1.21m .

Bungee Run

The object of the game is to see who can reach the furthest
whilst being strapped to a bungee cord,
when you can’t go any further – well you’ll find out what happens next!

Great fun – strongly recommended

11ft wide by 35ft in length
3.35 by 10.67m

Pole Joust

Similar to the gladiators. Two warriors battle it out in a best of three joust … TO THE DEATH “Just kidding!” Loads of fun for the kids and adults alike.

12ft wide by 12ft in length
3.66 by 3.66m

Sumo Suits

The sumo suits are one of the funniest attractions at any event with giant suits and helmets it will have everyone laughing and wanting a go.

14ft wide by 14ft in length
4.26m by 4.26m