Take turns in removing a piece and add it to the top of the tower without the tower falling. Sounds easy! decide when to de-stabilise the tower and hope your opponent topples the Hi tower.
58 solid pine wooden blocks the tower stands at 90cm high at the start and can grow to 1.5m during play.
Block Size 285 x 70 x 45mm (approx)


Consistently the most popular attraction, Giant Scalextric tracks bring about a wave of childhood nostalgia and provide competitive entertainment suitable for almost any event


Lots of fun to be had with this giant party game for up to 10 players. Two giant inflatable dice are thrown to find out what parts of the body you have to place on the coloured flowers. Get Knotted up with other players to make the game more difficult, fall over and you are out.
Game includes a giant 3m square playmat, securing pegs for the lawn and two giant dice.

Connect 4

The traditional game of connect 4 now in a giant size! Players take turns to strategically drop giant counters with the winner being the first player to connect four counters either vertically, horizontally or diagonally in a row.


Fun for all ages, these wooden Giant Dominoes can be played indoors or outside and come packed in a wooden box with handle. Each domino measure 13.5cms x 7cms x 2cms thick.


Quoits is a traditional lawn game of skill and accuracy, ideal for players of any age.

Players throw a Quoit ring, aiming to land over wooden pegs mounted on a solid base to score the most points possible.

Snakes and Ladders

A new dimension to the game snakes and ladders where players take the place of the counters. Throw the large inflatable dice and move up the ladders or down the snakes. Mat size 3m.


Limbo is a great party game, everyone will want to play.
How low can you go?
Lower the pole after each round, the winner is the one that can go the lowest without knocking the pole down.
Uprights 1.65m (5ft 6ins) high
Beam 1.65m (5ft 6ins) long