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“Making your event UNFORGETTABLE!”
For an incredible experience full of wonder, amazement and fantastic fun Chris always delivers. His blend of magic & mind games will leave guests delighted, amazed & thoroughly entertained!

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Who is Chris H?
Chris is a full time professional entertainer from NW England. Using magic, psychological techniques and a liberal dose of entertainment, he creates the illusion of real magic and mind reading. He has been performing professionally for over three years and specializes in close-up entertainment perfect for a variety of venues & events. His job is to make sure guests leave with a fascinating experience and special memories.

What does Chris do?
Through a combination of magic and psychology, Chris fools people’s senses and twists their realities. This achieves fascinating and impossible seeming feats such as:
Guessing with alarming accuracy peoples thoughts & influencing their behaviour – This looks like real mind control!
Predicting random events & chance occurrence – A demonstration of REAL ESP!
Chris causes BORROWED coins & cutlery to bend in the HANDS of YOUR guests – This will freak them out!
Plus many more incredible demonstrations. There really is nothing else quite like it!
Chris entertains with playing cards and ordinary objects which lends an extra credibility to the magic. In fact he often borrows items from your guests which creates a fun & interactive flavour to the entertainment!
At my event – How does it work?
Chris’s entertainment is flexible and is tailored to individual events. Because he does not require a stage or special performing area his act can easily be accommodated around your plans. Chris will usually either mingle amongst your guests whilst they socialize (strolling magic) or he can visit their table during the meal (table magic), or a combination of the above can be arranged.
If it’s a more informal affair or a more unusual event, Chris can adapt his act to suit your needs. Just ask for more details.

Here are some ideas of suitable events for Chris’s entertainment:
• Weddings & Anniversaries
• Parties & Celebrations
• Banquets, Buffets & Balls
• Dinner Parties & House Parties
• Summer BBQ’s & Outdoor Events
• Corporate Events & Hospitality
• Charity Events & Fundraisers
• Promotions & Trade Shows
• Special Events & Award Ceremonies


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