Optimized bouncy slide


The 15 x 15 Castle is a perfect for parties with a lot of children able to have up to 7-10 children safely at one time meaning that everyone will get to go on it a lot over the course of the day. The design is perfect against light rain.

WIDTH – 10ft (3.35m)
LENGTH -19ft (5.79m)
HEIGHT – 10ft (3.35m)

music Dome 180x160 1


Small footprint – perfect for garden bouncy castle hires
Low height – ideal for indoor bouncy castle hires.Small yet powerful speaker. One central disco light – great effect
Drop down door flap to keep the party going!
Listen to favorite songs via the professional internal speaker system. Simply hook it up to your Phone / MP3 player via the PHONO jack supplied or Via USB pen drive.
WIDTH – 13ft (3.96m)
LENGTH – 15ft (4.57m)
HEIGHT – 10ft (3.05m)

Giant Slide 180x160 1


The giant slide is the the largest slide available it has seperate areas for climbing up and sliding down making this one of the safest bouncy inflatables available. Its best suited for outdoor use however it can be used inside where space permits.
WIDTH – 13ft (3.05m)
LENGTH – 26ft (5.79m)
HEIGHT – 20ft (3.35m)

boxingring 180x160 1


The boxing ring is a classic with giant foam gloves its 100% safe and no one can fall out the ring due to the protective netting, great entertainment perfect for fete or fun days and all childrens and adults parties.
WIDTH – 15ft (4.57m)
LENGTH – 15ft (4.57m)
HEIGHT – 7ft (2.13m)

Bouncy obstacle 180x180 1


A mega sized obstacle course for all ages bright colourful and guarenteed to tire out kids and adults alike!

WIDTH – 13ft (3.96m)
LENGTH – 24ft (7.3m)
HEIGHT – 11ft (3.55m)

Optimized Combi castle


The combi castle is really the best of both worlds, with both a castle and a slide your children will never get bored. Enough for up to six children at once this castle features a contained roof and a bright cheerful design.

WIDTH – 15ft (4.57m)
LENGTH – 15ft (4.57m)
HEIGHT – 9ft (2.57m)

Optimized Adult castle


The 15×15 adult bouncy castle the big daddy of bouncy castles for adults & children. Able to take a lot of use bright colourful and tons of fun at any party.

WIDTH – 15ft (4.57m)
LENGTH – 15ft (4.57m)
HEIGHT – 24ft (7.32m)

bouncy castle 180x160 1


The 16×12 is our widest bouncy castle perfect for all ages this castle can have more people on it at any one time than the others, another colorful design you wont be dissapointed. At only 8 foot in height this is a great castle indoors to per(fect for most functions and events.

WIDTH – 16ft (4.88m)
LENGTH – 12ft (3.66m)
HEIGHT – 8ft (2.44)