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Where amateurs become stars!

What is the Immersive Rockstar Experience?

How Does it Work?
Each instrument gets connected up to our specially
designed computer software, which listens out for the
simplified notes being played in, and magically
converts them into the more complicated sounds from
the original song.
There are no backing tracks. If no note is played then
there will be silence. If a wrong note is played, then a
wrong note is heard. Although aided by technology,
the players are genuinely controlling the performance.

The Rockstar Experience from Camscott Leisure

More Information

Flexible delivery

Main stage
Why not replace a traditional
band with WeJam for your
next office party? Let your
staff form their own bands and
put on an unforgettable show.

Pop-up booth
Running an event with multiple
activities? WeJam can set up
in a small corner and give
people a short taster session
on the instruments.

Total band experience
Make a day of it and try our team-building workshop. In groups of 3-
6, each band will rehearse for a final performance as well as taking
part in other rockstar themed challenges

Compete with your colleagues
Every note played gets logged, meaning we
can give participants a score after each
Not only can players compete within their
groups, we can also keep a band
leaderboard to show how the groups as a
whole are performing!

Record your experience
Every booking includes an audio recording
of the final performances – a great
memento of the day. You also have the
option to to video record the event, or even
livestream it!

If the space is suitable for a regular band,
then it’s suitable for us! As long as there’s
power and we can make a bit of noise then
we’re able to set up in most places.
As well as travelling to your venue, we can
also book music studios on your behalf to
give you the authentic rockstar experience.

As well as a wide range of classic pop and
rock songs, we also have works spanning
Blues, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Electronic music
and more.
We are constantly adding new songs, and
also love to hear your suggestions. You can
also commission us to add a specific song
for your event.

Participants can choose between drums,
guitar, bass, and keyboards. We also
recommend our retro keytars instead of
stringed instruments, as they are much
easier for beginners to perform on.
If there are experienced musicians amongst
the group, they can also plug in their own
Singing is optional but encouraged!


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